Regulations 9th Thailand Junior Chess Championships 2014


9th Thailand Junior Chess Championships 2014

Thailand Chess Association together with Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai and Thai Beverage Marketing Co., Ltd. will organize the 9th Thailand Junior Chess Championships 2014 which is open to all players, including non-Thai nationals. The tournament will be held during 23 – 26 October 2014 at Pantip Hall, 3rd floor, Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Province.


  1. Categories


  1. Participants


  1. Schedule

23rd October

08.00 – 8.30             Registration

09.30 – 13.30           Round 1

15.00 – 19.00           Round 2

24th October

09.30 – 13.30           Round 3

15.00 – 19.00           Round 4

25th October   

09.30 – 13.30           Round 5

15.00 – 19.00           Round 6

26th October  

09.30 – 13.30           Round 7

15.00                        Awarding Ceremony and Closing Ceremony


  1. Tournament System and Time Control





Also, the player who misses any round of play without notifying the arbiter in advance in writing shall be subjected to disciplinary action, whereby he/she shall be obligated to make payment of deposit at Baht 500.00 for any future tournament held or jointly held by TCA. Repeated offence shall be tantamount to increased deposit by two folds.




For non FIDE-rated players. TELO (Thai ELO) rating system shall apply. Results will also be sent for TELO calculations.



4.10 The Organizer reserves the rights to change the Regulations at any time it deems fit.


  1. Medals








  1. Tie-Breaks


For Swiss Pairings System:

  1. Direct Encounter
  2. Median Buchholz 1
  3. Median Buchholz 2
  4. Buchholz Cut 1
  5. Buchholz Cut 2
  6. Number of games won.
  7. Play-off (5 minutes flat of Blitz game.).

For Round Robin System:

  1. Direct Encounter
  2. Number of games won.
  3. Number of games won with black pieces.
  4. Play-off (5 minutes flat of Blitz game.).


  1. Registration and Entry Fees

There is no entry fee.


Players who wish to participate in the tournament can submit their applications at Thailand Chess Association web site by 22nd October 2014. Late registrations shall only be accepted for play from round 2 onwards.


Players who have submitted their applications must report in person to the Organizer on 23rd October 2014 not later than 8.30 hours, or else they shall not be paired for the first round.



  1. Official Venue

Pantip Hall, 3rd floor, Pantip Plaza, Chang Khlan Rd, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province.





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